Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Less than 1% of the Japanese people are Evangelical Christians and Japan is considered the 2nd most unreached country in the world. Most of the Japanese people have never even heard of the name of God.

“The fields are ripe for harvest.”

The Japanese people are ready to hear the gospel of Christ, but how can we bring it to them?  

Here are a few ways Christ is using our gifts and passions to bring people to Him:

Evangelism Can Look Different Than What You Think…

Outreach looks different for everyone. God made us all unique with different gifts and passions. For me, I have always loved sports. I know many people in Japan love to play table tennis so I wanted to use this passion to meet new people and start forming relationships. From this, we have seen people start attending church services, Bible studies, and ask about our faith.

Discipleship and Community

Many people are looking for a place where they can form friendships and community. Young adults, specifically, often have a hard time finding a community outside of work and bars. That’s where Radiate comes in. Radiate meets every Thursday night for dinner and Bible study. Here, people are able to form friendships, but also hear about a God who loves them and is always with them. We want to not only form relationships, but also point people to God.

The Lord is Growing His Church

God’s name is being proclaimed throughout the city of Tokorozawa and He is using Hope Alive to bring people to Him. Many people are starting to attend church and hearing the name of Jesus for the very first time. Hope Alive exists to lead people to experience freedom, purpose, and fulfillment in Jesus Christ. How can YOU help in this mission?

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